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Nancy Liu, Ph.D


Research Interests
The goal of my research is to implement cognitive-behavioral treatment (CBT) and other evidence-based interventions for depression and severe mental illness (SMI) in resource-poor settings. I seek to do this through: 1) training non-specialized mental health care workers in CBT; 2) delivery in non-traditional settings (e.g., community-based organizations); 3) integration with primary care; and 4) use of the internet and mobile technology to bolster effectiveness and improve patient adherence.  I have significant global mental health experiences. Under a Fulbright to Beijing, I worked with Dr. Michael R. Phillips in depression and suicide. As an NIH/Fogarty International Clinical Research Scholar, I worked at a Cochrane Collaboration Center in Buenos Aires and published a systematic review with my Argentine colleagues. I also worked closely with Drs. Geoffrey Reed, Michael First, and Assen Jablensky at the WHO in Geneva on revisions for ICD-11. At UCSF, I am examining how to use technology (e.g., Internet) to make mental health resources more accessible with Dr. Ricardo Muñoz. I recently launched a Chinese language, Internet-based mood and suicide screener to demonstrate proof-of-concept for this approach.
Trinity University, San Antonio, TX, B.A., 2004, Psychology
University of Nebraska, Lincoln, M.A., 2007, Clinical Psychology
University of Nebraska, Lincoln, Ph.D., 2012, Clinical Psychology
University of California, San Francisco, Clinical Internship, 2012, Clinical Psychology

2007-2011, Instructor, University of Nebraska, Lincoln
2010-2011, Consultant, World Health Organization
2011-2012, Internt, University of California, San Francisco
2012-Present, Postdoctoral Fellow, University of California, San Francisco

Selected publications (in chronological order)

Kasckow, J., Liu, N.H., & Phillips, M.R. (in press). Case-control study of the relationship of functioning to suicide in a community-based sample of individuals with schizophrenia in China. Schizophrenia Research.

Liu, N.H., Irabarren, S., Ciapponi, A., & Pearce, P. (2011). Microfinance-based interventions for health outcomes in persons of low socioeconomic status. Cochrane Database of Systematic Reviews, 10.

Liu, N.H., Choi, K.H., Reddy, F., & Spaulding, W.D. (2010). Heterogeneity and longitudinal recovery of functioning. American Journal of Psychiatric Rehabilitation,14, 55-75.

Liu, N.H., & Spaulding, W.D. (2010). Impact of a health-focused day program on health behaviors, clinical functioning, and perceived wellness in individuals with serious mental illness. Psychological Services, 7, 233-241.

Liu, N.H., & DiLillo, D. (2010). Edna Foa named among TIME Magazine’s 100 most influential people in the world 2010, Behavior Therapist, 33, 120.

Mazzoni, A., Althabe, F., Liu, N.H., Bonotti, A.M., Gibbons, L., Sanchez, & A., Belizán, J. (2010). Women’s preferences for mode of delivery. British Journal of Obstetrics and Gynecology, 118(4):391-9. doi:10.1111/j.1471-0528.2010.02793.x.

Kasckow, J., Liu, N.H., Haas, G., & Phillips, M.R. (2010). Case-control study of the relationships of depressive symptoms to suicide in a community-based sample of individuals with schizophrenia in China, Schizophrenia Research, 122, 226-231.

Choi, K.H., Reddy,F., Liu, N.H., & Spaulding,W.D. (2009). Memory as a moderator in the relationship between child sexual abuse and maladaptive functioning people with severe mental illness. Journal of Nervous and Mental Disease, 197, 282-286.

Tong, Y.S., Guo, N.F., Liu, N.H., & Cao, L.Y. (2008). Dysfunction in inter-hemispheric inhibition and enhancement in schizophrenia. Chinese Journal of Nervous and Mental Disease, 34, 449-455.

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Updated: August 29, 2012