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John McQuaid, Ph.D


415-221-4810 x4106
Research Interests
My research interests include randomized controlled trials of psychotherapy, psychosocial treatment of psychological disorders, veteran-specific treatment needs and challenges, and implementation of internet-based interventions in VA settings. I serve on the MyHealthevet executive committee that oversees the internet-based resources for veterans using VA services,

University of CA, San Diego, B.A., 1988, Psychology
University of Oregon; Eugene, M.S., 1990, Clinical Psychology
University of Oregon; Eugene, Ph.D., 1994, Clinical Psychology
University of California, San Francisco, Internship, 1994, Clinical Psychology
University of California, San Francisco, Postdoctoral fellowship, 1995, Clinical Psychology


1995-2009 Assistant Professor to Professor, University of California, San Diego
1995-2002 Staff Psychologist, VA San Diego Healthcare System
1995-2009 Director, Cognitive and Behavioral Interventions Program, VA San Diego Healthcare System
1999-2009 Clinical Director, Special Treatment and Evaluation Program, VA San Diego Healthcare System
1999-2009 Research Scientist, Veterans Medical Research Foundation
2003-2009 Associate Chief, Psychology Service, VA San Diego Healthcare System
2005-2008 Acting Director, Family Mental Health Program, VA San Diego Healthcare System
2009-present Associate Chief of Mental Health, San Francisco VA Medical Center
2010-Present Professor, University of California, San Francisco

Current Research Support

RR&D #F6441-R (PI: McQuaid) 2008-2011
Veterans Affairs
Psychosocial and Visual Feedback Intervention for Phantom Limb Pain

7685 (PI: Drummond) 2009-2014
Department of Defense
Treating Nightmares and Insomnia in PTSD: Impact on Psychiatric Symptoms and Healthcare Utilization

Selected publications

McQuaid, J.R., Marx, B.P., Rosen, M.I., Bufka, L.F., Tenhula, W., Cook, H. & Keane, T.M. (In Press). Mental health assessment in rehabilitation research. Journal of Rehabilitation Research and Development.

Nappi, C.M., Drummond, S.P.A., Thorp, S.R., & McQuaid, J.R. (Epub 2009; print 2010). Effectiveness of Imagery Rehearsal Therapy for the Treatment of Combat-Related Nightmares in Veterans. Behavior Therapy, 41, 237-244.

Ramel, W., Goldin, P.R., Eyler, L.T., Brown, G.G., Gotlib, I.H. & McQuaid, J.R. (2007). Amygdala reactivity and mood-congruent memory in individuals at risk for depressive relapse. Biological Psychiatry, 61, 231-239.

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Muñoz, R.F., McQuaid, J.R., González, G., Dimas, J., & Rosales, V. (1999). Automated screening for depression in a women's clinic: A Spanish- and English-language voice recognition method. Journal of Consulting and Clinical Psychology, 67, 502-510.

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Updated: September 10, 2012